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OK! So your looking for a life coach?! Let's Get Real!!!

Millions of people decide to join a Life Coaching or Success Coaching program, and many see very little or no real results... This is because many coaches use a "Coaching Model" that only works for certain types of clients. Get Real Life Coaching is a different type of Coaching experience.
The Get Real program has a different approach to getting results! Many Coaches use a Question and Answer approach to helping clients reach their goals. There are many great coaches out there, and for self driven people, there is a lot of benefit to this. But usually people searching for a life or success coach are having  problems reaching their idea of success on their own. Get Real Life Coaching builds a foundation of Successful Mindset, character and habits. While on your path to reaching your Ideal Life, the Get Real Life Coaching process will help you to develop key tools to make your journey successful!


What leads to long term Happiness? Seeing growth! Ordinary Coaching programs help you to set successful goals, and hold you accountable to reaching them. But, integrating successful habits into your daily life, while developing key areas like self discipline and determination leads to long term success! The hold back with many coaching programs is that the growth only happens while the client is being coached, or for a short time after. This is what many coaches count on, so that you keep coming back for more... This is not how Get Real Life Coaching works... We help clients to get to immediate "breakthroughs" during our coaching sessions, but also guide clients every step of the way to creating successful character habits that will last the clients entire life. 
No Risk, Money Back Guarantee!

If this turns out to not be the right personal development program for you, then well give you your money back so you can invest in another service to help you with your personal or professional goals.

Dan Wilson - Founder of GetRealLifeCoaching.com
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