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So what makes Get Real Life Coaching so successful at helping people make positive changes in their life? Its because it doesn't just "fix" individual problems, but instead it changes where those problems come from. Instead of treating the symptoms, we fix the problem!

So what is the problem? Well to be honest that is a really big answer but here is a brief answer...

The three main "problems" are the unsuccessful habits we create as a defense mechanism when our basic emotional needs are not met, the unsuccessful habits that we copy from those close to us (like they say Like father, like son), and the unsuccessful habits that we develop over time based on our life experience from family, friends, work or school. These habits eventually become a part of our character, and unless you constantly stay mindful of your mindset and actions, it can be very hard to overcome this.

Get Real Life Coaching uses a step by step process to help you to properly fulfill your basic emotional needs, so that you do not create new obstacles. Then we begin working with you to develop new "Action Habits", this means that we will help you to consciously change the actions you take on a day to day basis into new, more successful ones. Last we help you to develop "Mindset Habits", this means helping you to change your unsuccessful thought patterns into ones that lead towards a happier and more successful you.

Founder of Get Real Life Coaching, Dan Wilson, is a life long Martial Artist, Instructor and philosophy nut! His vision for Get Real Life Coaching was to help those not involved in Martial Arts, get the same Character Building benefits that he got through his years as a student and Instructor. When he began Get Real Life Coaching he was (and still is) an entrepreneur who lived a life dedicated to success and helping others to find similar success in their lives. With an 18 year background as a Martial Arts Instructor & Student, a background in character development & life coaching, and with a large group of successful people around him, he hit the drawing board. How could he develop a coaching system that brought about these types of character changes in a way that could make it stick an entire lifetime? And Get Real Life Coaching was the answer.

With the help of his Mentor & Martial Arts Teacher and a few counseling experts, he formulated a plan that he thought could bring about massive change in a persons life, in a positive way and in the direction the client chooses to go. This is a profound program that has the potential to make amazing changes to anyone's life! Many times you hear that you can't change your life until you decide to... This is true and many times the decision is enough, but some people do not have the tools that they need in order to make this happen. With the proper tools, mindset adjustment and accountability, a person has everything they need in order to make changes. But not just make short term changes, instead a person that goes through the Get Real Life Coaching program makes lifelong changes to their character.

There are two types of Personal Development. Some tools like books and recordings help us to make changes to our mindset, and these are very valuable but not the complete package. The same goes for many accountability coaching programs, they make individual changes to specific problems, but don't create a paradigm shift that helps the person to make changes to their character. Get Real Coaching incorporates both of these as well as the specific tools needed in order to do this in an effective manner.

Dan Wilson's coaching program has all of the potential to bring success into your life that you are willing to take. Your life didn't stumble into these problems all at once, but instead it took your entire life to develop into what they are today. This is why it takes time to make a complete, lifelong change. With this in mind, many clients choose to get coaching for short term goals, and others choose to take advantage of the full program, and complete the entire Get Real Coaching System. Those that complete the entire program find that the rest of their life they have the tools that they need in order to overcome any obstacle that comes their way!

We are passionate about helping others, and love what we do as Life Coaches. We provide a service unlike any other and we are proud to help others in a way that others are not able to! If you are interested in learning more about our Success and Life Coaching program for yourself or a friend/family member, then register for a free coaching session to find out how we can help you to "GET REAL" and live the life that you always dreamed.
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