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The Get Real Coaching System

How do we coach at Get Real Life Coaching?

Get Real Life Coaching helps clients to grow towards their own idea of success through accountability, insight and understanding. We also have a unique system that sets us apart from other coaching programs which we call the Get Real PDS (Personal Development System). Not only will you immediately feel more fulfilled and begin seeing more success in your personal and professional life, we will also take you step by step through our “Coaching Phases”. Every client, whether you are only looking to find fulfillment and success with specific life goals, or you are looking to change your mindset in a way over time that produces life long changes that help you to live a life of success no matter what the endeavor.

Below are the different phases that you will complete throughout your coaching program. We begin with the most important foundations so that even short term clients get an in depth knowledge and experience of the key foundations of success. Enjoy reading how your coach is going to help you become the most successful you that you can be!


Phase 1 – Finding Fulfillment

Phase 2 – Classifying Behaviors

Phase 3 – Managing Stress

Phase 4 – Managing your Life

Phase 5 – Making Successful Decisions

Phase 6 – Taking Action

Phase 7 – Identify and Evaluate Thoughts/Emotions

Phase 8 – Fulfilling Responsibilities

Phase 9 – Respecting yourself properly (and others)

Phase 10 – Developing Relationships

Phase 11 – Being True to Yourself (Integrity)

Phase 12 – Your Self-Guided Path


Our goal isn't just to coach you through your problems and obstacles, and help you travel the road to success. We believe that individuals who are educated in personal development in an interactive way get the chance to not only learn about it, but also experience it in their life. Then the client will be more likely to make lasting developments in their life, and even have a mindset shift from a person who wants success into a successful person!

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